Whether the project calls for the design of a 96” conveyance pipeline, the relocation of an existing facility, planning, or the analysis and design of a water system, BA Inc. has the experience and expertise to deliver results. We provide conceptual engineering and alternative analysis, preliminary engineering, design, and construction support to clients within both the public and private sector.

We have worked with a number of agencies including the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Water Division, the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), West Basin, and the Golden State Water Company. Our engineers provide solutions based on core engineering                                                           principles, real project experience, and a value engineering approach that saves our clients time                                                           and money.

                                                          The following is a list of BA Inc.’s services associated with water design:
                                                          • Potable Water System Analysis and Design
                                                          • Water Main Design, Relocations and Extensions
                                                          • Bridge Pipeline Analysis and Design
                                                          • Transmission Facility Design


BA Inc. provides a range of services to municipalities, design firms, and contractors for sanitary sewers; the majority of which have been performed on large, high profile projects ranging from conceptual design to construction support. Our primary markets are Transportation and Municipalities.

Our goal is to provide feasible, economical solutions, in support of the project goals based on core engineering principals and a value engineering approach that includes the innovative thinking of young, talented engineers tempered by the experience and leadership of our senior engineers and managers.   

                                                           BA Inc.’s team of engineers have performed the following services related to sanitary sewer:

                                                          • Sewer Master Plan
                                                          • Pipeline Capacity Studies
                                                          • Hydraulic Analysis
                                                          • Inspection Assessment and Analysis
                                                          • Point Repair
                                                          • Planning Cost Estimates
                                                          • Construction Sequencing and Phasing Coordination


BA Inc’s stormwater management team provides its clients with comprehensive analysis and design for all types of flood control facilities.  Our engineers have extensive knowledge in urban drainage design, providing our clients with cost effective solutions today while incorporating the needs of tomorrow.  As part of the drainage services, BA Inc engineers are able to provide comprehensive planning, and preliminary design and construction design for new public works projects. 

BA Inc. offers the following drainage related services:

                                                           • Hydrology and Hydraulic Modeling
                                                           • Storm Drain Facility Design
                                                          • Drainage Master Plans
                                                          • Floodplain Management Program
                                                          • Floodplain Mapping
                                                          • Watershed Modeling
                                                          • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
                                                          • Standard Urban Storm Water Mitigation Plan (SUSMP) and Water Quality Management Plan                                                             (WQMP) Preparation
                                                          • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permitting
                                                          • Pipeline Rehabilitation
                                                          • Grading and Erosion Control


BA Inc.’s combination of engineers and project managers provide its clients with a wide array of permit coordination. BA Inc.’s team has an intimate knowledge of the varying jurisdictional and agency requirements and the capabilities to assist its clients with the appropriation of all necessary permits during a project lifecycle—from preliminary designs to the start of construction—for public works projects. As part of permit coordination, BA Inc. is able to provide permit application submittal and processing in an effort to obtain agency approval and meet the anticipated project start dates of its clients.

BA Inc. is proud to offer the following services related to permit coordination

                                                          • Coordination with Approving Agency
                                                          • Permit Requirement Identification
                                                          • Scheduling and Fee Estimation
                                                          • Development Application Submittal and Coordination for Public Works Projects
                                                          • Encroachment Permit Application Submittal


At BA Inc., we believe the key to successful third party coordination is clear communication.  It is essential to communicate the right information to the right people early and often.   In addition, project knowledge and understanding provides the foresight that is critical for identifying potential conflicts, challenges, or delays that may come as a result of impacts the project has on third party entities. Getting third party entities involved early in the design process for review and comments on engineering designs, work plans, and schedules, thus allowing for the early addressing of conflicts, adjusting of work plans, and identifying of scheduling conflicts, will provide for a more efficiently and effectively run project.  In addition, thoroughly understanding third party protocols, procedures, and processes will help to avoid delays that would negatively impact project schedules and budgets.  

Working hand in hand with the utility companies, BA Inc. will rely on its experience and relationships to guide their client through the coordination process taking into consideration the goals of schedule and budget—from the clients prospective and the utility company’s prospective. 


BA Inc. has the team in place to guide their clients through the utility coordination and processing phases of their project. Often times a project will require interaction with public and private utility companies.

BA Inc. has the capabilities to identify the existing infrastructure owned and operated by the utility companies, the experience to understand the impacts by the proposed project and ultimately, propose innovative and cost effective relocation strategies for the facilities. Working hand in hand with the utility companies, BA Inc. will rely on its experience and relationships to guide their client through the coordination process taking into consideration the goals of schedule and                                                            budget—from the clients prospective and the utility company’s prospective.

                                                           BA Inc. offers the following services with respect to Third Party Utility Coordination:

                                                          • Third Party Representation
                                                          • Identification of Existing Facilities
                                                          • Compliance with Applicable Agency/Utility Company Standards
                                                          • Develop Sound Relocation Strategies