Regional Connector Transit Corridor

The Regional Connector will establish a 1.8 mile, fully underground rail line, which encompasses approximately two square miles of downtown Los Angeles and includes the communities of Little Tokyo, the Arts District, the Historic Core, the Toy District, Bunker Hill, the Financial District, the Jewelry District, and the Civic Center. The goals of the project are to increase regional mobility by linking several LRT systems thereby enabling Los Angeles County rail and bus transit, as well as intercity transit service, to operate more efficiently and attract higher ridership. The results of which include reduced congestion, improved air quality and less of a carbon footprint.

As sub consultant to AECOM, BA Inc was tasked with utility engineering and discovery research to identify utility groups and obtain records and documents relative to as-builts and substructure maps. Field surveys were conducted to verify all existing underground and overhead facilities for the production of an existing composite utility plan set. Conceptual relocation plans were developed for affected utilities then, subsequent to Owner approval, advanced to 100% design in preparation for bid documents. This role requires extensive interaction with utility companies and local agencies including but not limited to Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering – Storm Drain, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles Flood Control District, Time Warner, AT&T, Verizon, SoCal Gas, and Exxon Mobile.

Project Highlights
• Coordinated with more than 15 utility agencies and companies through Preliminary Engineering design process
• Prepared conceptual design alternatives for wet and dry utilities within congested corridors
• Advanced utility plans to 100% against 30% design of other disciplines