Orange Line BRT Extension

The Metro Orange Line Extension will extend four miles north from Canoga Station to the Chatsworth Metrolink Station. This dedicated busway will offer improvements to north-south mobility in the western San Fernando Valley by connecting activity centers along the corridor and connecting the Metro Orange Line with Metrolink. The construction of the extension will offer faster travel times, improved bus connections, and provide better access to destinations throughout LA County.

BA Inc. was a subcontractor to Iteris and provided Civil Engineering services that included preliminary research to identify utility groups and obtain records and documents relative to as-builts and substructures; field surveys to verify all existing underground and overhead facilities; potholing to identify the size, location, and depth of underground utilities; third party coordination; composite utility drawings for existing facilities, and utility relocations/rearrangements which included the design of water, sewer, and telephone lines, and preliminary design of power lines. Our role required extensive interaction with utility companies and agencies. Some of the companies and agencies included LADWP, LABOE, Time Warner, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, and Level 3. We collaborated with these entities to identify conflicts, define clear solutions, gather estimated costs, and produce Preliminary Engineering and construction drawings.

Project Highlights
• BA Inc. prepared preliminary design of LADWP facilities, proposing two design alternatives through a Paired Analysis, which included (1) the relocation of power lines underground which crossed an existing bridge structure and Metrolink tracks and (2) raised poles to maximum height of 110' to provide minimum clearance over proposed bridge structure.
• Coordinated design efforts concurrently with three major agencies including MTA Metrolink, and LADWP.
• Successfully addressed and completed additional design work as a result of unexpected changes to project limits at 85% design.