Exposition Light Rail Transit, Phase II

The Exposition Light Rail Project is an extension of the Phase I seven mile alignment currently under construction. The project will extend approximately seven miles from Venice Blvd. in Culver City to Colorado Ave. in Santa Monica. The goal of the project is to improve transportation mobility and connectivity for residents and commuters in the project study area; provide faster, more reliable transportation services; increase capacity of the system and provide more travel choices.

As sub consultant to AECOM, BA Inc was tasked with discovery research to identify utility groups and obtain records and documents relative to as-builts and substructures; Conducting field surveys to verify all existing underground and overhead facilities; and providing support to the design team in preparation of the utility drawings for existing facilities and proposed relocations. This role requires extensive interaction with utility companies and local agencies including but not limited to: Santa Monica DPW, LADWP, LADOT, Time Warner, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest, Level 3.

Project Highlights
• Coordinated with more than 30 utility agencies and companies through the Preliminary Engineering design process
• Prepared conceptual design alternatives for wet and dry utilities within heavily congested corridors